+N poster with a smiling young man in a wheelchair and colorful abstract shapes

Announcing +N, the global community of inclusion focused innovators

We are excited to announce the founding of +N inclusive innovation network. +N brings together innovators, investors and accelerators who are using technology to push the envelope of possibilities for persons with disabilities.

With five accelerators on four continents and nearly a hundred startups on board, +N is kickstarting a global ecosystem to empower innovators and entrepreneurs to turn bold visions into exciting new realities. By connecting users, enablers, influencers and capital with the best and brightest innovators, +N is creating the conditions for success at scale for assistive tech startups.

+N is a global network where innovators, investors and accelerators come together to grow the impact of technology in disability inclusion

Going forward +N will organize regular events where everyone interested in the intersection of technology and inclusion can join in to connect with and learn from each other. At our events users, experts and innovators will share their experience and offer actionable insights into common challenges. Our team will regularly share funding opportunities, insights into global markets, best practices and innovation challenges.

We advocate globally and locally for the inclusion of innovators and entrepreneurs with disabilities in the larger startup ecosystems, and for inclusive and assistive technologies to receive the attention and support they deserve.

In the future we will organize market delegations and shared access to industry events, driving the globalization of local solutions.

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